We are eager to help you grow

We are a team of experts in the field of IT outsourcing, delivering exceptional specialists. Our mission? To support businesses by enabling flawless project execution through top talents from Poland!
Redukujemy koszty zatrudnienia

We help reduce the costs of hiring specialists

Don't worry about formalities

Our services allow for the reduction of costs associated with hiring, such as recruitment, onboarding, leaves, employee benefits, and equipment, etc. We take care of the infrastructure and necessary tools for work.

Save money

Outsourcing enables team scaling according to project needs. There's no need to maintain permanent employment, allowing for the adjustment of team size to current requirements.


In just 48 hours, a programmer can join your team

Develop projects

We provide immediate reinforcement to your team with IT specialists, speeding up the pace of work and allowing for faster project development. We support your business, and after understanding project needs, we can ensure project success.

Don't worry about deadlines

With us, you don't have to fear deadlines. Thanks to our services, you can avoid project delays – outsourcing eliminates the need for lengthy recruitment processes and training. Our experts join the team prepared for quick action.


We collaborate with over 200 trusted Polish specialists

IT talent pool

In our talent pool, you'll find programmers specialized in various technologies, including niche ones. Experienced IT experts in international projects ensure quick integration with your team.

Qualified specialists

Every Eager Devs programmer undergoes an internal evaluation process and regular training. Collaborating with us, you can be sure to receive support from qualified specialists.









How it looks in practice

Stages of our collaboration

Stage 1 - Let's get to know each other!

We start our collaboration with a call where we aim to get to know each other. During this time, we also gather as much information as possible about the project you need support with. The exchange of information regarding goals, challenges, and expectations is crucial for understanding how we can assist your company.

Stage 2: Define Your Needs

Even during our first meeting, we strive to precisely define your needs. What kind of IT specialist do you need for the project? In which technologies should they specialize? At what level - junior/mid/senior? How long do you need the specialist's support? What is the planned working time?

These questions allow us to focus on finding the perfect candidates for your team. We align with all aspects to meet your needs.

Stage 3: Presenting Candidate Proposals

After gathering all the information, we present our proposals to you. We aim to act quickly (even within 48 hours), usually providing several (1-3) profiles of individuals who best fit your project. Each candidate profile includes information about skills, experience level, availability, and rates. This allows you to make a quick decision.

Stage 4: Time for Your Candidate Selection

Next, the decision is up to you. From the candidates, you choose the most interesting profile or profiles. If everything aligns with your expectations, we arrange interviews with the selected candidates.

Stage 5: Qualification Interviews

Time for qualification interviews with the selected candidates to ensure they meet your expectations 100%. During these interviews, you can better get to know potential team members and verify if they are the right choice for your company. If you have any doubts about the candidates after this stage, don't worry - we'll present additional proposals.

Stage 6: Final Decision and Contract Signing

After the interviews, if everything aligns with expectations, we proceed to sign the order/contract, formalizing our collaboration. If needed, we adjust the contract details to the specific requirements of the project, enabling a smooth and effective start to work.

Are you in need of IT specialists for your project?

Speed of Action

We deliver programming teams even within 48 hours.

Time and Cost Savings

Our services help reduce employment costs by eliminating expenses for recruitment, leaves, benefits, etc.

Scalability of Services

We provide individual developers as well as teams ranging from 2 to several dozen people.

Satisfaction Guarantee

In case of dissatisfaction, we replace with another developer with the same stack. We also guarantee substitution in cases of sudden illness or inability to work.


Why us?


We guarantee the confidentiality of our collaboration.

Qualified Specialists

Our programmers undergo internal evaluation processes and regular training to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Effective Team Work

Eager Devs teams have been working on projects for 2 months or more.