Redesign of the web and mobile application for an airline from Saudi Arabia

Redesign of the web and mobile application for an airline from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, known as a country rich in natural resources, is also developing in innovation. Striving for continuous service improvement, one of the leading airlines from this country recently partnered with our team at Eager Devs to conduct a comprehensive re-design of their web and mobile application. webowej i mobilnej.

This task was not easy. The need for more suitable UX/UI experts in the local market necessitated the search for foreign talent. Additionally, the need to provide hybrid work posed a logistical challenge (2 weeks in Jeddah and 2 weeks of remote work alternately).

In response to these needs, Michał, an experienced designer with a rich portfolio of projects for airlines worldwide, joined the client's team. His role in the project extended beyond interface design — he also served as a mentor for the client's team, contributing to the growth of their competencies in the UX/UI field. Michał quickly adapted to the rigorous project requirements and hybrid work schedule. Thanks to his experience and skills, the project took a direction that exceeded the client's expectations.

This project not only stands out in terms of scale and scope but also holds significant importance for the airline industry in Saudi Arabia. By introducing innovative solutions, it aims to increase passenger comfort and set standards that can serve as a model for other airlines worldwide.

In the context of constantly changing customer needs and expectations, such a project becomes crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the airline market. Therefore, although it is a demanding project, it is also fascinating and inspiring for the entire team involved in its implementation.

There is no doubt that Saudi Arabia is not only keeping pace with the times but also becoming a leader in innovative solutions shaping the airline industry's future. The airline application re-design project is a perfect example of this, marking a milestone towards new service standards in the aviation sector.

🌍 Stay tuned! We will soon provide updates on this exciting project.

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