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We are eager to help you grow! We are a team of experts in the field of IT outsourcing, delivering exceptional specialists directly to your team. Our mission? To support businesses, enabling them to flawlessly execute projects with top talents from Poland!

Our team

Piotr Kołtun

Recruitment Project Manager

Jan Pisula

Board Memeber, Co-Founder

Czarek Gorgoń

CEO, Co-Founder


With over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, we are part of the Netinteractive group (www.netinteractive.co), which has been operating continuously for 10 years, providing clients with dedicated IT solutions that support and facilitate business operations.

Our office is located in Warsaw at 103/1 Saska Street.

Eager Devs are built by experienced IT specialists with various specializations, led by Czarek (CEO) and Jan (Board Member). We collaborate with over 200 highly qualified developers. We are growing steadily, with more innovative and diverse projects ahead of us.

Regardless of your specialization in the IT industry, we would love to get to know you!
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