Transition from the prototype phase to operations

Our client was a startup from the UK. The company offers a platform where you can find and purchase unique second-hand interior gadgets. The mission of this platform is to promote a sustainable future while inspiring people to enjoy the beauty of interiors.

Client's Needs and Challenges

The startup faced a crucial challenge – transitioning from the prototype phase (MVP) to full-fledged business operations. To achieve this, the client needed an immediate temporary expansion of the team with experienced programmers specializing in React.js and React Native.


We offered comprehensive team support, presenting the client with 4 experienced programmers ready to immediately engage in the project's development. From the presented candidates, the client selected 2 programmers who perfectly aligned with the project's requirements within just 48 hours of the inquiry. Each programmer was carefully assessed for technical skills and experience in working with React.js and React Native.


The inclusion of Eager Devs' programmers into the existing team proved to be a crucial step in accelerating the startup's development process. It increased the team's efficiency by an impressive 50%, enabling a smooth transition from the prototype phase to business activities. The programmers not only provided essential skills but also brought new perspectives, supporting the startup in achieving success in a competitive market.





Team Support - Staff Augmentation


React.js, React Native



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