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In 2022, we collaborated with a British fintech company that provides innovative payment and financial management solutions. The company was established in 2015 with the goal of creating a platform that would allow users to link and manage various payment cards through a single physical card. The organization gained popularity for its flexible payment solutions, enabling users to choose the card to cover a specific transaction at a later time. It also introduced features such as expense consolidation and real-time notifications.

Client's Needs and Challenges

The client faced the challenge of finding highly skilled GO language programmers. The issue was that the job market in this modern technology was limited, and the client needed immediate reinforcement for their team after a new investment round to continue the development of their web application.


We proposed comprehensive team support, presenting 4 experienced GO language programmers and 3 React.js specialists. The team was carefully selected based on technical skills and experience in the Fintech industry. Within 48 hours of the client's inquiry, we provided information about 7 potential candidates. From them, the client selected 2 GO language programmers and 2 React.js programmers, who could immediately join their team after technical qualification interviews.


The inclusion of Eager Devs' programmers into the existing team had an immediate and positive impact on work efficiency. In a short period, the team's productivity increased by 3-20%, allowing the client to continue the development of the web application with new energy and advanced programming skills.



Industry: Fintech


Team Support - Staff Augmentation


 GOlang, React.js



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