Quick team integration 

Our client was a German company that has been a Gold Partner of Odoo since 2016. Since 2006, the company has been developing intelligent software solutions for clients to contribute to their business success.

Client's Needs and Challenges

Being in an intensive phase of integration with their clients, the client encountered the challenge of a lack of qualified programmers in the specific technology within their team. Swift intervention was needed to avoid project delays.


We offered comprehensive team support, presenting the client with a proposal of 10 experienced programmers specializing in Odoo technology. From the presented candidates, the client selected 4 programmers ready for immediate engagement within just 48 hours of the inquiry. Each specialist was carefully chosen based on technical skills and experience in working with Odoo.


After conducting technical qualification interviews, the selected Eager Devs programmers joined the existing team. The effects were noticeable and impressive – the inclusion of programmers increased the team's efficiency by 20%. Integration with clients proceeded smoothly, and the new programming skills allowed for rapid development and adaptation to the dynamic CRM market requirements.



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