Completion of the Project Within a Limited Time

Our client was one of the largest travel agencies in Poland, boasting over 650 employees. Founded in 1999 out of a passion for travel and a commitment to delivering unforgettable holiday experiences, the company had dynamically grown over the years, earning the trust of customers and solidifying its position in the tourism market. Since 2015, it has been part of the Wirtualna Polska group.

Client's Needs and Challenges

The client faced an urgent challenge of completing a project within a limited timeframe. They lacked qualified programmers ready for immediate engagement to strengthen the team and successfully conclude the project.


We offered a comprehensive team support service, presenting a proposal featuring 10 experienced programmers specializing in PHP and React.js. The candidates were ready to join the team immediately and expedite the development of the client's project. Within 48 hours of the initial inquiry, the client selected 4 programmers who were positively evaluated during technical interviews.


The inclusion of Eager Devs' programmers into the existing team had an immediate impact on work efficiency. The team managed to increase productivity by an impressive 50%, contributing to the successful completion of the travel project. The programmers not only brought technical skills but also offered a fresh perspective on PHP and React.js technologies, supporting the client in achieving their goal within a short timeframe.



Travel Industry


Team Support - Staff Augmentation


Php, React.js



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